Hammering The Point Home That He’s An Asshole.

Last Updated on: 9th July 2014, 10:40 am

Here’s a story for ya. 57-year-old Jayantibhai Patel was living with his father and caring for him. He was thinking of heading back to India and his father didn’t want to move with him. So he thought maybe this would be a good time to put dear old Dad in a nursing home. Unfortunately for dear old Dad, he thought the only way to go into a home was to be in the hospital first. So, he picked up a hammer and clocked dear old dad over the head with it.

To make sure the poor fellow would need medical attention, he waited an hour and a half before calling paramedics! Unfortunately for him, all his dad needed was a couple of stitches, and quite clearly told the ambulance folk that he did not fall, his son hit him over the head with a hammer.

And here’s where I start to get baffled. Being appalled at what he did, the judge at his arraignment set bail at $500000, and his dad wants to put up all the equity in his home to post the bail and get him freed! Other relatives are saying he shouldn’t be kept in jail. Why the hell not? He hit his dad over the head with a hammer for Christ’s sake! I don’t care if he didn’t intend to kill or seriously injure him. He hit him over the head with a hammer, and then waited forever and a day to get him help, all because he wanted to put him in a home.

And, if you had any decency and thought the best place for your dad was a nursing home, wouldn’t you, um, do some research? It wouldn’t take you long to realize that you wouldn’t have to inflict bodily harm on him in order to find him a nice place to live. And wouldn’t you want to choose one, instead of having the hospital put him in some random home?

All I can say is people are weird animals.

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