What’s Popping Out Of My Popcorn?

Ok, I’m about to look nutty cuckoo, but maybe there’s a chance in hell that someone thinks the same way I do about this. Steve says this is one of the few things I say that makes him stare at me and go “huh?” Oh well.

Does anyone else get creeped out by the way the dude in the Orville Redenbacher flavour shakers commercials says, “surprise!” It never really crossed my mind until I saw it late at night one night. Ever since, I keep getting these horror movie visions, like instead of ketchup being on your popcorn, it’s now covered in blood! Surprise! There’s just something very wrong with the way the guy says it, and it bothers me that usually right before he says it, you hear a splatting sound.

I’m probably a very sick and twisted human being, but…am I the only sick and twisted human being on this front?

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