If At First You Don’t Succeed, Sometimes It’s Ok Not To Worry About The Try Try Again Part

Last Updated on: 7th October 2013, 12:00 pm

Today, like most days anymore, appears to be stupid day.

Earlier I
about a guy who got his shit fucked up by some pansies from Utah, and now, not even an hour later, there’s something that might give that story a run for its money.

A Michigan burglar was surprised to find that a house he had entered was occupied by a man who had just returned from a hunting trip. Seeing that the man wasn’t the type to just let some guy take his stuff and that there were in fact guns around [in particular the 12-gauge he was holding at the time], the perp wisely made an excuse about being in the wrong apartment and ran for his life, with gun-toting homeowner in hot pursuit. Moments later however, the thief, apparently feeling embarrassed by the encounter and far from content with having escaped, returned and told the man that he now had a gun and was going to kill him. The 2 wrestled over the weapon, causing it to discharge twice, the second bullet hitting the jackass in the leg, a leg that doctors say he
may end up losing.

All that’s left to say, unless any of you can think of something, is hahahahahahahahahaha!

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