My Gang Can Beat Up Your Gang

Last Updated on: 4th July 2023, 11:53 am

I shouldn’t have to tell any of you this, but if you ever find yourself tempted to question the toughness of an area’s street gangs compared to that of the ones where you’re from, just don’t. Failure to heed this seemingly obvious warning is likely to land you in the same place as an unidentified man from either Texas or California [the police aren’t sure], that being a local hospital.

The man reportedly got into an argument outside a house near 1300 South and 1300 West over who had the toughest gangs, he said. The man said something to the effect that he didn’t believe Utah gang members were as tough as those in other states, Wihongi said.

Apparently the group took offense and wanted to demonstrate their toughness, as the man was “assaulted en masse,” according to a Salt Lake City police report. One shot also was fired during the beating, but no one was hit, Wihongi said.

The man fled into a neighboring house, entering through the back door of the unsuspecting residents. Police were called and found the man bleeding and crying inside a bathtub. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital to be treated for multiple blunt trauma injuries, including one on his head that was bleeding, Wihongi said.

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