Airbags Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Last Updated on: 20th October 2014, 03:11 pm

It’s gotta be bad when you’re not safe with your own son, and then you’re left for dead by EMT’s.

It’s never explained why this poor woman’s son hit a parked car and then drove into a bank, but what is explained is how her son was pulled from the car by emergency medical technicians, but they never bothered to check under the passenger’s side airbag, where she was. They just had the car towed, and then the next day the family said there were two relatives, not one, missing. That’s when the towing officials had a look in the car, and voila! There’s the missing woman! Now she’s not missing, she’s dead.

Emergency personnel are praying that the medical examiner says that she died instantly, so they didn’t leave her alive in the car overnight. Let’s hope, for the poor woman’s sake, that she died in the crash.

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