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Last Updated on: 5th March 2020, 08:50 am

Am I the only one who’s had more than an assful of all this steroids in baseball stuff? Seriously, doesn’t the United States Congress have anything better to do? The economy is in ruins, your world image has never been worse, 2 separate wars have gotten way beyond out of control, and all these imbeciles are worried about is the integrity of America’s pastime? Baseball is still America’s pastime, right? I ask because spying on the citizenry and finding new and creative ways to do away with civil liberties seem to be big there these days. Honestly, what does it matter if a millionaire who swings a stick for a living shoots himself full of hormones because he wants to put a few more miles on his fastball or add a few feet to a home run? It doesn’t, at least not until America fixes all of its real problems.

I might feel differently if all of these investigations were more about saving lives than busting cheaters and restoring glory to the great game, but that doesn’t seem to be anything that’s on anybody’s radar. if it was, then surely by now there would be hearings into professional wrestling, a sport with an under 50 mortality rate that would blow people’s minds if only it was important enough for the media to cover for more than a couple weeks at a time when something like a
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