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Last Updated on: 31st December 2023, 01:55 pm

Trixie speaks
You know, this white stuff is getting really annoying. It was fun for a while to play in, but now, I would like regular sidewalks and nice days back. Nobody knows how to move the stuff out of the way. So there are lumps of it everywhere. Sometimes, after a lot of it has fallen from way way way up, there’s a big pile of it just outside the door! What am I supposed to do? There is no way around this big pile! It’s an obstacle! But to get to where it’s clear, we have to go down a slippery step! I want us to be safe! This is hard!

There are piles of it where I do my business, too! It’s really hard to get in there! Once, Carin got lost and thought we were where we were supposed to be so I could do my business, and we weren’t!

On the sidewalks, they move it out of the way for a bit, and then I guess they get tired or bored or forget to finish or move on to another spot or something. Anyway, it gets bad again. And then more of it falls from the sky. It just keeps falling. Just when I start to follow tracks, they get buried and I have to figure it all out again! Am I ever going to see solid ground again?

At least now, I can walk through the snow and the salt and the ice without yeeeping. It’s nice to not have to think about every step and wonder if it will hurt. I love that stuff she bought that came in a paint can in that box that we had to pick up at the post office. The only thing that’s not so good is she puts it on me first thing in the morning, before I get food. So I have to lie still and let her put the goop on my paws, and only after she’s happy with all four paws and how much goop they have will I get to eat! Sometimes it’s hard to lie still and my tummy goes rumble rumble rumble, and I squirm. But then she tells me the more I squirm, the longer it will take. So I should probably just lie there. At least it dries quickly, usually while I stand there staring at her while she puts my food in the dish. She says she does this so I won’t lick the goop off my paws. She’s smart, isn’t she? She knows me too well!

I really thought the nice weather was coming back. I could feel it in my bones. I would look out the window and get all excited. There were lots of dogs out for walks. It had to mean the end of the white stuff! Then it would get c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold again! It was like somebody turned a knob back the other way. Is this ever going to end? Whoever’s playing with the weather knob can stop now. Put it back up to nice.

Today was weird. Carin woke me up early! I got kind of excited, because usually when we wake up at a weird time, neat things happen! I thought maybe we were getting back on that bus to Kitchener where the nice people were who gave me treats. Maybe that other dog would give me a kiss again. But no! She just fed me, took me out to do my business, brought me back in and did the rest of the morning routine like it was just another day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never one to turn down early food, but why did she wake me up for nothing? What is this? She said something about another time change. Do we have to go over this again? Time doesn’t change! I know what time it is, always!

then, later on, right around the time I have been asking for food since the last time-change, she got up and fed me! Ah! I get it! She’s just using the time change as an excuse, but really, she has caved to my demands for food when I want it! She has caved, I have won, ha ha ha ha ha! Who’s the alpha? Who’s the alpha?

I thought I’d test this theory. When it came around to be the time when she used to feed me, that horrible time that I would have to wait for, I came and asked for food again. If I was right, I’d get more food! Hmmm. All I got was another trip outside to do my business! Maybe I’m not the alpha after all! Well, I’m nothing if not patient, so I’ll just keep trying. We shall see who’s top dog around here.

Remember that dog that came to see me? The other dog with the same harness that walked that other human? What was her name again? Oh yeah, it was Rosamae! Well, she came back. As soon as I saw her, I got all excited! Someone to play with! Someone to show the ropes to again!

Well, the deal got even sweeter. Rosamae was a bad bad girl, so she had to stay on the leash the whole time! You know what that means? She couldn’t jump on me in my bed! She couldn’t chase me around and go up and down, up and down on me like last time! Ooo! I could stand just out of her reach and make her mad, and she couldn’t do anything about it! Nana nana booboo, I get my revenge, and what are ya gonna do about it, Rosamae? Huh? Whatcha gonna do? Who’s got the upper hand here? Yeah, it’s good to be a good girl. Good girls get to stay off leash. good girls can come into the room, and go out of the room when they want to. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The other day, something scary happened to me. I was walking Carin home through the snow on the sidewalks that had lumps and clumps, clumps and lumps, when all of a sudden another dog came out of nowhere! He said “Roof! Roof! Roofroofroof rerrerererroof!” He didn’t sound happy to see us, and he had no leash! There was no fense! He was coming right at us! Carin yelled something at him and some people whistled and he went away, but sheesh! That wasn’t very nice of that dog. All I was trying to do was walk past his house, if that was even his house. I was minding my own business, he should mind his own. I wish I could talk, because Carin keeps saying she wishes she knew what that dog looked like and where exactly the whole thing happened so she could call…who was it again? The police? Yeah. She says he shouldn’t have been out like that with no leash or anything. She says she doesn’t want him to scare me again, and this was near where we live. I know what he looks like. I know what he smells like! I know all that stuff! Oh I just wish I could speak human! I could tell her all about that big scary mean dog.

You know, life is pretty good. I don’t yeeep anymore. I always have food and toys and love from Carin, and other people too. I get to go to lots of neat places. Things are always interesting. You know what would make life perfect? If we got rid of the white stuff. Then I would be so so so so happy! Until then, I guess I’ll just deal with it. Maybe tomorrow, it will be gone. Maybe! Just maybe! Maybe? Pretty please? To the guy in the sky who likes to turn the weather knob, can you hear me? Can we work something out? I don’t have much to offer. Do you like peanut butter bones?

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