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Last Updated on: 3rd April 2023, 01:49 pm

Does the fact that some of the more Conservative leaning callers to radio talk shows are scripted by the government surprise any of you? Because it sure shocked the heck out of somebody over at the Canadian Press, at least it seems that way if this little gee whillickers, look what I found article means anything at all.

Seriously, this should be a revelation to exactly 0 people. Politicians trying to swing a public discussion in their favour? Say it ain’t so!

The only newsworthy aspect here is that we don’t read stories like this on a daily basis, which then begs the question, why don’t we? Are the rest of Canada’s political parties so honest that they would never engage in such despicable behaviour, or have they just not been caught yet. Or, and I hate to suggest such a thing, are we dealing with a case of somebody with a bug up his ass deciding to pick on one party while giving the others a free pass? I’m no fan of the Conservative party, but I know a dig when I see one, and if this isn’t a dig, then the bosses down at CP headquarters need to come up with more for their reporters to do because we’re getting into Breaking News!: The Pope Is Catholic! territory here.

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