He Was Weighing Grapefruits! Really!

Last Updated on: 3rd October 2014, 06:05 pm

I know James Jones got acquitted, but the story’s still funny because it sounds like it *could* have happened, they just didn’t have enough evidence to prove it.

According to Melanie Guglielmino, an employee at a grocery store in Scotland, she walked into the fruit and vegetable aisle and found two men standing near a fruit and vegetable scale, one of them on a stool. When she asked what they were doing, Jones, the one on the stool, said, ‘we’re just weighing our dicks.’ Then she saw Jones put something back in his pants that didn’t look particularly nice.

Unfortunately, because she couldn’t say for sure that she saw his parts, and the CCTV footage only showed him with his back to the camera, the court decided that there wasn’t enough proof to convict him. He says he was drunk at the time, but he didn’t do it, saying he was framed. Framed? For that? People get framed when someone is dead or something is stolen…but weighing your penis? I don’t think so.

Even if he was acquitted, I’m sure the fact that he was in the paper for this will be punishment enough. How interesting they didn’t name his 3 kids like was done to the barbie car-driver of yesterday.

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