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Last Updated on: 4th November 2013, 08:14 am

I had two really weird dreams last night. They’re not disturbing, they’re just…weird and I thought somebody would get a chuckle out of them.

My first one was just too bizarre. It was like I was living in an evil parallel universe. I was talking to Steve in my dream about everyday things. I was talking about how I wanted to learn doggy first-aid, and how I really hoped it came together with this one lady who is going to call me soon in real life. I was talking about booking the party room. Then Steve pipes up with “Oh yeah, Carin, there’s a big sign up outside the party room that says no dogs are allowed. I don’t think you could book the party room.”

I respond with “Why not? Trixie is a service dog, and it’s the law, and this is in my building. They’ve been fine with her up to now.”

Steve, in completely non-Steve fashion, says “Oh I don’t think they care about service dogs or the law. They won’t have any dogs!”

Of course, I’m stubborn. I said “then I’ll talk to them about what issue they’re having. If it’s a dog hair issue, I’ll bring a big blanket and Trixie can lay on that.” Steve immediately gets all stammery and stuttery, saying “Oh, I don’t think we have any extra blankets. What blanket would you use?” I laugh at him and tell him I’ll use the old Babs blanket. Hell, I’ll bring one of her beds down if I have to.

Then Steve just sits down and says “Well, good luck with that. Our super doesn’t speak good enough English to understand.”

What the? That is so not Steve. He’d be right behind me, telling me to try and talk to our super, but if that doesn’t work, to call the rental agent or the head office. Why would I dream that he was dead set against me doing this course or booking the party room?

The other dream was simply demented. I was sitting in this room that looked sort of like a kitchen and sort of like the meeting rooms at the place in Kitchener where I did some work. It had a fridge full of drinks and snacks, and everyone around me had laptops. I have no idea what I was doing there, but there I was, without any laptop or anything to work with. I was just sitting there looking like a dope.

Everyone around me was from GDB, even though I don’t know a single one of them. They were either from the Alumni Association or they were instructors, and they were all busily typing and planning, talking about how much travelling they had to do for either follow-up visits to clients or alumni association engagements. The whole time, I kept meaning to ask if there was a schedule set up to know when the stuff would start happening at the GDB alumni reunion that I’m going to in September in Portland, but I was too intimidated to ask.

All I know is we kept having pop and milk and eating stuff, and then we started eating a dessert. Just then, mom appeared out of nowhere asking for the recipe and said we needed to go home and eat this dessert with Grandma because she’s lonely and she would like this.

What is that? Is that a conglomaration of everything I’m thinking about? GDB stuff, grandma who’s been struggling with health issues for a while, and doggy first-aid, and…drinks and food? Where does that fit in? Why were we eating so much dessert? And what’s with the creation of an anti-Steve?

I was just thinking the other day about how I haven’t had a bloggable dream in a while. Well, I guess I’ve had a couple now, all in one night!

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