I’m Sorry, You’ve Got The Wrong Mindset

Last Updated on: 4th April 2016, 07:11 pm

Here’s a new one for ya.
Phone: ring
me: Hello?
me: ah shit here we go, a telemarketer.
heavily accented voice: Hello. Is This (says some name that isn’t mine)?
me: Nope, you have the wrong number.
heavily accented voice. No. I have the right number, just the wrong person.

Yeah, and in most of the sane universe, that means you’ve got the wrong number. It’s only the right number because you don’t really care who you get. Most people, when they call a number, are looking for a specific person. If that person doesn’t live there, they’ve got the wrong number. There is no such thing as the right number but the wrong person.

Damn it Bell and all your new services you gave us to make up for screwing up our bill, why did you have to give us Identicall numbers that used to belong to someone who seemed to attract telemarketers?

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