Sory, Don’t Try Again

Last Updated on: 21st September 2013, 05:59 pm

An almost aptly-named kid who is now dead after racing a train with his skateboard is Jonathan Sory. I bet he’s really sorry about making that decision. But what I can’t figure out is why the company who runs the train is busy being sorry. Anyone who races a train is an idiot. Unless the conductors didn’t even try to stop, it’s not their fault.

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  1. >He didnt race the train..He jumped in front of it to kill himself. And before you say thats not true..i was there. My name is Ashley Cymbola. At the time i was like 13, im not 17. We were all going to the park to hang out when he got upset and made a rash decision. Although he he did have alot of problems such as bi polar. and had a drug addicted father. Dont say stuff that you have no knowledge of please, that just spreads rumors.

    Thanks, Ashley.

  2. >You're not the first person to comment and say that. Problem is that we ended up losing all the old comments so none of that stuff is there anymore. Thanks for coming over and putting it back.

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