I’m Becky Miller, And I Approved This Message…Or Did I?

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 03:07 pm

Carrollton, Texas Mayor Becky Miller has lived quite the life, the only problem is that she hasn’t. And to make matters worse, the Dallas Morning News has decided to call her out on it. the paper has been systematically debunking her various claims, among them that she used to sing backup for both Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne (neither of them remember her), was once engaged to Don Henley (he doesn’t either) and that she had a brother die in the Vietnam war (her family doesn’t remember him not to mention that the name she gave was that of some black guy somewhere).

Watching her get progressively more and more angry as the article goes on is fine entertainment. You really get the sense that if things continue on for too much longer she’s going to start throwing things, perhaps even herself, from a bridge.

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unless it isn’t.

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