>I’m Not Sure What’s Weirder, The Actions Or The Reporting Of The Actions

>I’m having one of those there has to be more to the story moments here.

By all accounts, Matthew Evans was a pretty bright kid. Good grades, involved in lots of different activities, well liked by those around him. So it makes no sense that the following line would appear in an
about him.

Evans died Wednesday at a St. Louis hospital after sustaining massive head trauma Tuesday night. Police said he “belly-flopped” onto the hood of his best friend’s passing car, flying head-first onto the pavement after the driver slammed on the brakes.

That wouldn’t be nearly as odd if the words suicide attempt or ones similar to them appeared in the article, but they don’t. There’s not even any mention of an ongoing investigation. It’s just what a nice guy, this is how he would have wanted things, and oh by the way he died in a completely ridiculous fashion.

If somebody could help me out by doing the media’s job for them I would love that person forever, because I’m really confused right now.

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