Seatbelts and Dogs?

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2014, 05:01 pm

There was something else I heard in the dog first-aid course that made me think seriously. Well, it was a combination of what the instructor said, and what Jill wrote about what happens if you ride around in your car sans seatbelt. Corinna showed me this seatbelt she has for her dogs. Apparently, it doubles as a walking harness if you needed it for that purpose. The point is, it has a soft fleesey part that goes under the belly, and a loopy part that you put the seatbelt in, and, snap snap! Your dog isn’t going to be a projectile in an accident.

I’ve heard all kinds of arguments for and against doggy seatbelts. Some say the dog is safer on the floor at your feet anyway. But I worry about airbags crushing the dog. They’re not thinking there’s a canine there. Some say the seatbelt will make the dog harder to extricate in a crash. On the pro side, there’s the whole not wanting your pooch to be a flying pooch, and the prevention of death by airbag.

So…I put it to all of you who transport dogs on a regular basis, especially Jill. Do you strap him/her in? If so, what product do you use? I have to ask Corinna what hers was called again.

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