Idiots! Update

Last Updated on: 30th May 2021, 04:06 pm

Well, here’s the update to the glass-throwing hooligans story. This morning, bright and early, Steve and I headed out to the bank. We were merrily walking up the street, when ker-runch! What did I kick? What did I step in? but glass! Thankfully, it was me who hit it, and not Trixie, but I think that was strictly miraculous. Since my toes are right at the end of my sandals, I did manage to cut the top of my big toe just a tad, though. I’d rather that than her pads.

We pulled over to the side and called the super from the spot. At first, she didn’t understand that we were standing by the glass. Finally, she and another guy showed up on the scene and scooped up the huge amount of glass around. There was glass on the road, glass on the sidewalk, glass a ways down the sidewalk, heaps and heaps of glass. She was scooping for a good couple of minutes. She said it wasn’t a beer bottle, it was like a drinking glass.

“Joo are bleeding!” she yelled when she saw my foot. “Dis happen right now?” I had to explain that it happened last night, but I was fortunate enough to not hit the glass then, but I hit it this morning. She was mad mad mad, especially when I told her about the popped car tires and the fact that I was there when they threw it. She and her buddy who came with her to scoop glass kept telling me I needed a witness. I said I’d try, but I challenged them to stand with me and count the pedestrians that we saw. “Joo should have called us then!” she said. I told her I thought it was all in the road, because that’s what Spineless and my neighbour said, and it was dark and I didn’t want her getting hit picking up glass. She told me next time, I should call them and the cops. I said will do, for damn sure. I’ll stand riveted to the spot until they’re down there.

Jill’s right. She wrote in the comment box under the first post that I should write letters to the papers. They’re going out, One to each paper. Hopefully one gets published and someone who either had their tires nicked or was standing with the moron who threw it will come through for me. And maybe Spineless will feel just an ounce of guilt for what he did.

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