Car Fire, Car Fire, Na Na Na Na Na, Na!

Last Updated on: 11th December 2020, 04:56 pm

Theme song time.

Here’s a very explosive lesson, taught by two unnamed males and an unnamed female in Bellevue. It is not at all safe to pour gas directly into your carburetor via a water bottle while you are driving. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s also not safe to keep the remainder of your gas in an open bucket. If you do, your car will explode, and all three occupants will become flaming, writhing, screaming humans.

The three Bellevue residents inside the van picked up two gallons of gas from a station in Factoria only a few minutes before the explosion, Bellevue police said.

They didn’t have a gas can, so they kept it in an open bucket. The engine cowling, which is located between the two front seats of the van, had been removed. They used a water bottle to transfer gas from the bucket directly into the carburetor to keep the engine running as they drove east on Kamber Road.

The vehicle stalled right before it reached 145th Place Southeast. When the driver attempted to restart it, it exploded.

Um, didn’t anyone learn anything about gas, flames, and the *combustion* engine? Helloooo. I’m sure, when they recounted this little tale to hospital staff and police, everyone rolled their eyes in complete dismay.

But it wasn’t over for the three flaming humans. After they fled from the car, it continued to move, running over the girl’s leg. One of them, by some feat, made it to a nearby gas station and threw water on himself.

Fools, all of ’em!

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