Happy Birthday To You, Your School Is A Zoo, You Don’t Like Two Classmates, So No Party For You

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2013, 08:46 am

This is ridiculous. Who would have thought a parliamentary ombudsman would be required to settle something to do with a kid’s birthday party? But after reading this bullshit, the ombudsman should be involved.

A kid in Sweden wrote out invitations to invite who he wanted to *his* birthday party. Because he didn’t invite two kids in the class, one being a bully and the other being a kid who didn’t invite him to his own birthday party, the school confiscated the invitations saying they had to prevent discrimination.

Newsflash, assholes. If discrimination is happening, taking away the invitations isn’t going to stop it. The kid will find other ways to discriminate. And since when did the school get in volved in who a kid invited to a fucking birthday party? It’s a goddamn birthday party! I think he can invite whoever he wants! Where were they when the other kid didn’t invite him to his birthday party?

The kid’s dad has called in the parliamentary ombudsman, and so he should. It just sucks that a little kid’s birthday party could become a national incident.

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