Dear Kimberly DeWolf

Last Updated on: 28th June 2016, 07:00 pm

I’m sure you loved your dog and that he meant a lot to you, but that’s no reason to cry like a baby and threaten to
sue your local newspaper because they won’t run an obituary for him.
He may have been a child to you, but to the rest of us he’s just somebody’s dog, one of millions of pets that come and go every year. And no matter what you might think, he’s one of millions that nobody wants to read about in the paper, so get your head out of your ass, get on with life and for the love of Christ stop bothering the people who report my news.

Here’s an idea. If you want the thing published so bad, get a blog and put it up yourself. They’re free, and the sooner you use one the sooner you can shut up and stop being thought of as the retarded dog lady. Even if you don’t take my advice, please shut up anyway. I’ve never met you, but I can tell you’re somebody who would greatly annoy me if I ever did.

As an aside, yes, I did notice that a woman named DeWolf considers a dog her child and yes, I did find it funny.

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  1. >shes psycho, she's a stalker and a wacko who needs immediate mental help. BEWARE OF DeWOLF… she is seriously unstable.

  2. >I wish I still had all of the old comments that used to be on this post (thanks again for nothing, Echo.). Many of them were from her…under several different names. They were the only comments saying that she was doing the right thing, and they were all written in the same style.

  3. This chick is psycho! She cheats on her husband and then stalks the men that she cheats on him with. She fakes pregnancies and claims she is a deputy and attorney. She is is either Bipolar or has Schizophrenia and needs some serious mental help. She should be institutionalized. Her parents and so-called friends enable her behavior because they are afraid of her. She tried to commit suicide when her boyfriend (when she was already married) broke up with her. Someone needs to get this girl help.

    1. Why are you still stalking Kim all over the net? You keep posting the same thing on a few sites. If you want to be her bad enough then just contact her using your real name but surely you are to scared to and jealous of her to do so.

  4. Sick y’all psychos are stalking Kimberly and telling lies that easily anyone can find the truth about her & careers.

  5. Sad people are still jealous of Kim that they are having to look her up. She nor her husband ever cheated on one another for the record.

  6. Thank you everyone for trying to stick up for me but the truth is, I did cheat on my husband. I had a very long affair with Vincent DeCicco and at one point thought I had enough courage to divorce my deputy husband and marry Vincent but I never did. After Vincent broke up with me, I tried to commit suicide. All my lies caught up with me. I am also not an attorney or a deputy and have never been one. I have been recently diagnosed as bipolar and with the right medication, I have been living a better life. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused everyone over the years. I am trying my best to live a lie free life.

  7. Ha that was funny who typed that above about Kim. She doesn’t and hasn’t ever gone by the name above. Kim & I have been friends for many, many years.
    She is very kind & loving. I can say 100% she never cheated on her husband or current husband.
    She does have a disease but it is an autoimmune not any mental.
    As far as her previous careers you can easily see pictures of her in her uniform and at Attorney only functions.
    Kim has always been a great person. It is sad how many people continually are jealous of her and the fact she speaks her mind.
    It is very funny the people who posts are trying to talk behind a computer and won’t use their real names.

  8. Vinny cheated on all of his girlfriends and wives….Angelina, Kim, Jen…the list goes on and on. Kim has been nothing but the sweetest person, kind, considerate and caring.

  9. Funny this is all still going on. I recently met Kimmie and was trying to look her up and this crap came up. I know for a fact she is married. She doesn’t even live in Florida. If any of you knew her or were real friends hers on her FB or even in real life or her family you would see her Degrees and Photos hanging up along with a ton of other photos. Kimmie is a great friend and honest she is very kind and I am going to make sure she never sees this!

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