Dear Owners Of Ferocious Dog:

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 04:29 pm

Do you think, if you have a dog so ferocious that it attacks anyone who comes near it, that it’s a good idea to bring the savage thing to the middle of downtown and then leave it in a parked car? Do you? Trixie and I think otherwise…well at least Trixie should think otherwise if she would listen to her better judgment! At least you didn’t tie the beast to a post. That’s the only thing you did right.

Trixie and I were walking down the street doing nothing to offend your precious mass of canine aggression. In fact, I didn’t even know the thing was there…until without warning, as we passed your car, it growled, snarled, barked, and lunged! It put its paws on the windows of your car. I hope your car’s seats are made of leather, because I think he would have damaged them trying to get at us. Trixie, for some unknown and incomprehensible reason, thought this was play and went towards the snarl-filled car. The mut lunged again! We backed away. All growls, snarls and toenails hitting window glass ceased. I decided to heel Trixie and just book it past the car. As we did, he made another lunge at the glass! This was definitely a dog who wanted a piece of Trixie.

Luckily, we got past and were unhurt, but if your dog is that aggressive, shouldn’t it be in a pen guarding something? It should not be anywhere near anyone that it could decide was invading its territory simply by walking past. Never bring that hound to town again, ok? If I felt safe enough staying around, I would have asked someone what the car’s license plates were and then called the cops from a safe distance. That thing, if it could get out of the car, sounded like it could, and would, do some damage!

Please, people, know your dog! Know what it is capable of!

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