Honey. I’m Home!

Last Updated on: 23rd March 2017, 02:33 pm

Good Evening,

So I’m back from a nice little period of relaxation at the family cottage. Pretty much my favourite place on earth. At the moment I am draining the alcohol from my liver and trying to keep myself from boiling over due to the annoyance of the sunburns I seem to have acquired! What a great few days! I’m home for about 2 and a half days before I head back on up there for Labour Day – the last long weekend of the summer. Should be another gong show.

So how’s everone been, here? Good? I hope so. What you been up to? You look well, anyway. (not you Steve)

18 medals for Canada at the Olympics. Our highest total in 12 years and third highest total ever. I’d like to say that that should shut up the people who were complaining during the first week…. but I think we all know better than to think everyone will be satisfied. Life’s just not any fun unless you have something to bitch about, I guess.

Um… I’m sure everyone knows by now… but just in case… Don’t eat any Maple Leaf meats. I’m not gonna get in to a big thing about it… Just don’t. (except you Steve)

The Jays somehow find a way to lose a series against Boston that theys imply had to win, and yet somehow have have a monster game where they absolutely destroy the opposition pitching. A little consistancy this year would have been great – good or bad. If it had been good then we’d be in the race and I’d be happy – if it had been bad I could have stopped caring a month ago like I normally can. Oh well.

At least I have the “headed for last place” Leafs and the 3 and 5 Argos to get behind in the next little while. Gonna be a tough autumn.

Have a good night, kids.

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