Lousy Natives

Last Updated on: 28th February 2020, 10:02 am

See now that’s a headline that will grab your attention! Racism abound, friends! Unfortunately I will now puss-out and retract half the statement – but hey – I got you reading.

It’s not all natives, not even a majority. Just one small group. I’m sure if you live in Ontario you’ve heard about the land dispute in Caledonia. I don’t know all the details and politics, and nor do I care. But there’s been a lengthy stand-off between the Native-Canadians (is that right?) in the area and the people of Caledonia.

Well last week it turned violent. A few of the Native protestors resorted to violence against a reporter who was there covering the story. Needless to say, people were outraged – as they should be. A peaceful protest is one thing but when you get physical with someone not even involved, just there to do their job, you’ve crossed a line.

The kicker. No arrests have been made. The authorities are now demmanding that the people of the Native reserve hand over the individuals responsible to the OPP.

Now here’s the part that gets me mad. Thism orningon the news a representative for the Native-Canadians said that they will not be handing over the responsible individuals as the situation “is being handled internally.”

What the fuck? Who the hell are you? Why are your people above the laws of the country you live in? Ya you’ve been wronged in the past. ya the white man is the devil. Ya ya ya whatever. The law is the law and whether you’re black, brown, yellow, pink white or native you are bound by them. You’re not above them. You don’t get to handle them within your own special little group. You face the music like everyone else.

I could even get accept a statement like “We have no proof and no idea who the individuals are so we will not be moving forward with this”. It would be complete bullshit and no one would believe you but at least you wouldn’t be blatantly acknowledging the crime and that you know who did it but basically saying you don’t give a shit because you’ll deal with it yourself.

What does that mean anyway??? “internally”. It means that they can say they’ve handed down some penalty to him that can never ben proven and an injured reporter never see’s any real justice. Real fair.

I can tell you I spent a year in NOrthern Ontario living in a small town last year. The next town over was a native reserve. For the most part nobody bothered each other. Sure the people from the reserve came to town to shop or go to movies or the bar or whatever but no one really thought twice about it. The part that pissed people off was the Native cop car driving around the town. That’s right. They have their own police. Well that’s fine I guess if you have your own laws or something. I don’t know the whole deal. But you’re off the reserve. They haveno power in town. That’s a fact. They are not recognized by any governing body other than whatever the Native governing body is. That’s fine. If you want to police you own groupover and above what society says and your constituants are all on board. Go for it. But it’s over and above basic Canadian law as you cannot ignore the laws set by our government.

So this cruiser would come in on weekend and circle around town which really got under the skin of people since they had no control or authority over anyone. Party’s that they would try to break up continued on with people laughing at them since they had no right to say anything, kids stopped on the street who looked troublesome would straight up ignore them. And really… I don’t blame them. The town had it’s own cops adn the they were not bound by Native law. But it does go the other way – Natives are bound by Canadian law. But everyone is too afraid to do anything drastic fearing charges of racism.

Think about it – if this Caledonia/Native situation was anything other than what it is and someone was protecting violent criminals – Cops would be in there busting heads to find them – but here they don’t. And it’s sick. This is the PC world we live in now.

For years races, minorities, ethnic groups, sexual preferences and all kinds of other people have asked for one thing. To be treated equally. But it’s a 2 way straight people. Allow yourself to be treated equally when it works against you and maybe people would be more supportive going the other way. This is making headlines nation-wide and people are PISSED!

Just something to think about.

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