It’s Over! Let It Go!

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 12:58 pm

Look. I love the Jays – but it’s over. I’m so tired of hearing how far back they are. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Everytime I watch Sportscentre or listen to a radio on the update where they recap the Jays score, they always end with “with the loss/win the Jays are now 9 games back of the Wild Card.” Oh really? is that it? Only 9 games eh? And we still have 25 to play. No problem.

The “Games Behind” stat should be reserved for teams with a chance in hell of making it. It’s interesting when you’re 2 games back. At this point – if you’re more than 5 back your season is over.

Let me lay out for you, basically, what would need to happen to make Toronto’s 9 games back matter. Toronto would basically need to win every single game from now until the end of the month. They could maybe, MAYBE get away with losing 1. I hear ya – that’s not “impossible”. Sure it’s extremely unlikely… but it’s not impossible. But many teams have had two 12 game winning streaks with just a loss or two in the middle. but I’m not finished.

Toronto would also need Tampa Bay, Boston, Cleveland, Mineesota and Chicago to all lose all of the rest of their games for the rest of the month. Riiight. That’s a bit more difficult, especially when you consider the fact that some combination of these teams will play each other pretty much every night for the rest of the season.

It’s over! Stop telling me how far back we are because it doesn’t matter.

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