Coping Strategy: Needs Improvement

Last Updated on: 23rd March 2020, 05:30 am

If James Lee Frank was trying to set an example for his kid, then what he is demonstrating is how to be a complete idiot. He was not happy with how his kid was doing in school, and somehow his kid’s performance had nothing to do with the kid at all. This guy thought his kid’s difficulties were completely due to bad teaching or something. So, to solve this problem, he called up the school and threatened to blow it up, killing everyone inside. It’s never mentioned in the story where the guy’s kid is when he made the threat.

The school responded by going into lockdown. Frank tried to get into the school, and failed, so he ripped a two-way communication system off the building and ran off. He was caught not far away.

As an aside, before 2001, does anyone know if the term “weapons of mass destruction” was used in the context of bombs? Or is that a new creation?

Something tells me poor performance in school runs in the family.

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