Trixie speaks again!

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Trixie speaks
I really didn’t have a lot to say for a while. Stuff wasn’t different than I’d said before. The guy with the weather knob finally stopped turning it so white stuff would fall from the sky. I was pretty happy about that. It was so easy to get distracted when the weather was good again. More dogs were out for walks. I was just a happier dog. We would take those long long walks again. We hadn’t moved again. The good stuff just got buried by the white stuff. I have to remember that next time the guy in the sky decides to turn the weather knob down to nasty. Hopefully carin’s smart enough not to shove boots on my feet this time. We’ll see. Time will tell.

One thing that’s been weird is she can’t decide what to feed me. I was going along eating the kibble I knew and thought I loved. I mean, it was all I knew, and I’m a lab, and I’ll shovel pretty much anything into my mouth. I’ve even tried to eat that nasty brown stuff that comes out of my butt, so I don’t have very high standards. Anyway, she met this woman one day and we went down to that big big room in the building here and they talked all day. At the end of the day, the lady took us to this other store. Woohoo, another pet store! Yea! Carin bought a big bag of food that smelled way yummier than the other food. I snapped my jaws at it!

She started to feed it to me, along with the other stuff I used to call food. Then, slowly, she fed more of the new stuff than the old stuff until I was only getting the stuff that made me snap my jaws! Mmm! That was good food!

But then, something else started to happen. It got harder to do my business! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do it! I felt funny, but we’d still work. How am I supposed to work when I feel weird and all I can think about is how I felt weird? I would try, but I’d always forget things. like stopping at steps, looking out for narrow door frames. I got in so much trouble! She got really upset when we went to that thing with lots of people out at that place with lots of woods around it. What did she call the thing? It was for our neighbours downstairs. It was a…wedding? Yeah. At the…arboretum? Yeah, arboretum! That’s it. I couldn’t think at all. There was so much to sniff, and I felt funny, and when I feel funny, I’d rather do something that makes me feel good. So, I sniffed. I sniffed and ran around. I couldn’t figure out who to follow. I tried to jump in some water. She knows how much I like water, so this shouldn’t have been a shock. But she was upset, and I could tell. She took me to that evil place the next morning. That vet place. After they talked, she started buying these cans of goo that she would scoop out of to add to my food. What did she call it? Pumpkin? Yeah, pumpkin! I could do my business again! Oh, I was happy.

Then, the guy in the sky started messing with the weather knob again. He’d turn it way way up and then make it way cooler, not cool enough to make white stuff fall, but cool enough. Then it would get really hot again! Oh how I wanted to swim!

The next time she got me food, she got me another kind of food. What was this? I didn’t snap my jaws as much, but it was yummy enough. Plus, she stopped adding goop to it. Miracle of miracles, I could still do my business! Ah, hopefully we can stay with this food for a while.

Man, over the last month, we’ve been away from home a lot. First, we went to the house where that fat man with the nice balls’s family lives. We went out to this other house where lots of people came and said hello to this lady who I sort of knew. On the morning we were supposed to come home from that, Carin had that thing you hold to your ear and talk into in her hand. She pressed some buttons and it went beep boop beep and she started talking. Then she started crying into the fat man with the nice balls’s shirt! The other guy who lives there who I love so much started playing with me while she cried into the fat man’s shirt. What was wrong with her? I don’t know, but soon we were on the road again, going to that house with the cat in it that doesn’t like me. Now the cat will only come out when Carin and I have gone to bed and she’s shut the door to the room we’re in. What did I ever do to her?

Anyway, everybody was there, and seemed kind of sad. Then the older guy who sometimes comes over with the older lady came over for supper, but there was no older lady! They kept talking about flowers and churches and graves. I didn’t understandit, so I took a nap.

The next day, we got up and everybody got dressed up and got in the car. We got out, and there were lots of people there. I didn’t know them, but they all seemed to know Carin, or Carin’s family. We went inside this building with benchy seats and an organ playing and sat there for a while. Everybody sang from time to time. Then we went out to this grassy place. I always get caught sniffing the grass, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to sniff this grass. Carin bent down and put a flower near this stone thing. Then this other guy sprinkled some dust in the hole. I just stood very still. Then we went down some stairs and people ate a bunch of sandwiches and more people came by to talk. There was a lot of talking that weekend.

Finally we got to go back home. We had to ride a couple of those big bus things to get there. We stayed there for a little while, and then we got up really early in the morning. Where were we going now, and why wasn’t I getting any food? We got in a big weird van and it drove off. We got out at this building I’d seen before. At least I think I have. I think I saw it when I first came here. Was I going back to the people who taught me all this stuff? What was going on?

We got on a flying car bus thing and we flew and flew and flew. We flew through some bumpy spots that I didn’t like. I shook and shook and shook. Then we got off and we rode on this weird cart thing. Wooo! It was fun! I looked out the side at all the people going by. Hello! Hello there! Look at me. I’m a princess! Then we got on a smaller flying car bus thing, and there was a guy and his dog getting on too! How often do I see another dog with my same harness? Not very often. We flew for a little while, and then we walked and got in this other van thing and drove for a while.

When we got out, oh my my my! There were so many dogs. Can I sniff a puppy? No? You’re no fun, Carin. What about that puppy? Or that one? that one? That one? Hey! Why did I get corrected, I got kissed by that other dog! I just wanted to kiss back!

We went up to a room, came inside, and oh my my my! there was Beauty! Beauty, my long lost yellow friend! I wanted to play. She wanted to play. But Carin said I couldn’t play until I went to the box. What is this box?

I soon found out what this box was. It was a big box full of soft stuff that I was supposed to do my business in! Excuse me! I am not a cat! That looks like something that angry cat from that house would use. Eeewwww! I grew to hate that box.

That was a fun, but stressful weekend. There were so many dogs, and we all wanted to say hello. We all got a lot of corrections. But I did get to play with a couple of dogs. There was Beauty and there was another dog. Pasta. Her name was Pasta! She has big floppy lips like I do. She always tries to chew on her leg like I do. She’s black like me. But she plays rougher than I like. sometimes I have to puff up when she starts that stuff.

I got so confused. I didn’t know when I could get food anymore. Once, I tried to tell her that it was time to get up, and she just groaned and said it was too early. No! do I have to tell you again? I know what time it is! I always know. But I couldn’t convince her, and the other dogs told me I was crazy and it was too early. but I convinced them that no, I was right, and they needed to help me. they came over to her, and she was on a low bed. We all licked and sniffed her, and then we all got told to settle down. the other dogs told me they told me so, and that I was just being a lab wanting food. So, am I wrong? do I not know what time it is? This is new to me!

We did more talking and walking and then we came home! Oh I was happy to see home again! I was also happy to know I could tell time again. But Carin didn’t unpack the suitcases! She just left them where they were and took stuff out of them! What. Were we traveling again? I found out that yeah, we were, back to the house with the cat in it. Phew. At least I know this place. when I saw it, I ran around it. It’s so much bigger than the place I call home and it has a big yard that she finally lets me play in.

That weekend was crazy. We went to another place with benches and stuff, but people seemed so muchh happier to be there. It was another one of those things like our downstairs neighbour had. It was a wedding. There were little boys with rings and people repeated each other’s words and stuff. Then we went out to this other place with walking paths and lots of stuff and a big room where we slept. After having to lie quietly under the table for so long, when we got back to the room, I just wanted to go to sleep. Carin let me have my wish.

the next day, after we left that place, we went back to the house with the cat and then we got back in the car and we went to that other house I like. It had a cat in it, but doesn’t anymore. But I like it because sometimes Luther comes over and we play. I love everyone in that house.

We didn’t stay there for long before we got back on one of those big buses, and then another one, and a car, and then we were back here! She seems to be unpacking faster than she did before. Maybe we’ll stay here for a while!

One thing I know is life is never dull. But I would like a llittle bit of the ordinary for a wihle, though. It would make me feel a bit calmer.

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