Subway, Get Fresh

Last Updated on: 6th February 2017, 02:33 pm

I have not seen this for myself, but our friend Greg phoned us up and told us about it, so I went out searching. References to it are all over the net, but I can’t find a single video of the commercial.

Apparently, Subway Sandwiches has started referring to their footlong subs as…as…as…Yum Rockets! That was the closest I could get to a video. If someone has a lead on the video, please please send it my way.

Gag! I do not want to put something in my mouth that is being referred to as a “Yum Rocket.” If you think I’m insane, go read this. Now, do you want to stick a yum rocket in your mouth? didn’t think so! Or next time you decide to chow down on a yum rocket, you’d better hope it doesn’t squirt you with mayonaise. And if you order a footlong yum rocket, what does it say about you if you ask for extra pickles?

What is wrong with advertising folks? They’ve spent so long trying to think about slogans that this one sounds good to them. I think they should get out from under that rock they’re being held under and get some air.

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