I Love You…r Car

Last Updated on: 14th October 2020, 11:50 am

There are many, but here is just one sign that your new boyfriend may not be that into you.

You’re at the movies. He pays your way in, you pay for some food. Aww, cooperation is so nice. During your film, he asks if he can borrow your keys so he can run out real quick and grab something he needs from the car. You give him the keys and go back to enjoying the movie. Time passes and he doesn’t return. You leave the theatre and your car is gone. You give your new love a call and quickly discover that he’s driven off in it and doesn’t plan on coming back. Well, unless the words “Ha ha I stole your car” mean something different to the kids these days he doesn’t.

Such is the tale of Michael Pratt. He pulled this stunt on Sarah Bush, a woman he had been dating for approximately two weeks.

But instead of getting her car, he ended up getting Enterprise’s car, which may or may not have been why he called her later to tell her where he had left it.

He’s been charged with felony grand theft and is currently cooling his heels in the Pasco County jail until he comes up with somebody who’s willing to part with $5000. He probably would have had that money, but movies ain’t cheap these days.

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