You Can’t Hide Your Lyin’ Eye Dogs

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 12:27 pm

Here’s a message for everyone who thinks all guide dog schools are created equal. they’re not. I heard other rumblings about the Eye Dog school last year, so I thought they were officially dead. It’s sad to see the dogs being treated like this.

this is why, if you want a guide dog, you have to do your research. Take your time, ask around, and follow your gut! If it objects, there’s probably a good reason. trust me, I know.

As an aside, I hate it when news stories use the term “seeing eye dog” when it’s not a dog from The Seeing Eye. I know that’s the name everyone remembers, but it’s misleading, and kind of potentially damaging in a case like this. to set the record straight, The Seeing Eye is the only place where one could get a dog that could technically be called a “seeing eye dog”. Otherwise, they’re a dog guide, or a guide dog, or some other name.

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