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Last Updated on: 29th September 2021, 10:52 pm

I was doing my morning check of the site stats earlier today and found this:

15 Oct, Wed, 03:05:30
Tom King ndp gilbert gottfried

That’s odd I thought to myself. They certainly don’t sound alike, but with the whole blindness thing going on it’s sort of impossible to figure out if they look alike. So I asked trusted friend Greg Twilly (I’m not sure why he’s a trusted friend either) and he said yeah, they kinda do. Tom King looks like Gilbert Gottfried if Gilbert was older. They’ve got the same body, same squinty eyes, just different hair.

That’s a fine answer, but why leave it at that? Why not let the world be the judge? So thanks to Greg, I give you…

Tom King
Gilbert Gottfried

Oh, he also wanted me to add this:

God loves you...Unless you're a Senators fan.

So what’s the verdict? The last picture is a fact so there’s no need to debate it, but the first couple, have fun with those.

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