Not to Gloat….

Last Updated on: 1st May 2014, 04:56 pm

Anyone notice who got the big hit last night? It might have been Jason Varitek. Do you think people in Boston were booing him from their living rooms? Likely not.

So, I was wrong. It’s going 7. If I had to put money on the game now, I’d put it on Boston just like everyone else is just because of how young they are and how nervous they looked las tnight. That said, I hope to hell the Rays win.

If I’m hoping to Hell the Rays win…. Would that make them the…. Devil Rays again? Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck.

Game 7’s in baseball are always great and if I’m Matt Garza, the pitcher going for Tampa tonight, I wake up today saying to myself “There’s not a person in the United States who thinks I have a shot to win tonight. Let’s see if I can prove them wrong.” That’s all he can do and what good athlete’s do. If he can go out and shut down Boston in the first inning or two then his team can feed on off of his confidence and know that they’re in this game.

It should be good.

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