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Last Updated on: 24th April 2014, 08:14 am

Note from Steve: Matt *claims* that he’s having some computer problems and cant’ post this himself,but I personally think he’s just being an asshole and exploiting my kind nature by making me post this pile of dishonest, poorly written horseshit for him. But rather than making me look bad or like a pushover,I prefer to think of my putting this up (under my own name no less) as proving what I said in a comment thread earlier today. I am a fair man who’s aim in life is to make sure that everybody has a voice, no matter how retarded that voice might sound or how wrong it is.

Ok, here’s Matt…like I needed to tell you that. Just look at the grammar, for Christ’s sake.

So the World Series is over. The Philadelphia Phillies took the Championship in the fifth game. (which lasted about 50 hours – no. seriously).

This, of course, makes Steve an idiot. Now, sure, you may recall that both Steve and I said that the World Series would be won by Tampa in 6 games – but you’ll also recall that earlier this week Steve got trounced by me (that’s right – trounced) in our Cyber Sunday roundtable which means that – for this week- Steve is twice as stupid as me. So, while you may say I was a bit dumb in my prediction – Steve was an out and out idiot.

For the record – I’m pcking the Blue Jays to win it in 4 (and a half) games next year over….. the Tokyo Giants. (details to come)

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