Wacky Random November Thoughts

I had some random thoughts, so figured I should heave them up here in no particular order.

Although you’d never know it from today’s weather, which I want to see stay as long as possible, that bastard old man known as winter is going to show up and I’m not looking forward to it. When things get icy, I really need good traction on my boots, especially now that I walk faster than I did before. Even when I walk slow, I find having the momentum of a dog contributing to my own momentum is enough to have me fall on ice if I don’t have a good grip. Trix has never been one to get in front of me and break my fall, probably because she’s so tiny. So, I found these things called Yak Trax. Well, my parents found them, but what’s the difference. They have rubber bands that you slip around your shoes, so the soles of your shoes get covered in these little spiky teeth that really grab a hold of ice. Hell, they do such a good job of grabbing ice that half the time I don’t even know it’s there. People will say “Watch it, it’s really icy!” and I’ll just be walking around like normal.

But my problem is I break them. The springy teeth start to hang at funny angles and catch on stuff. I’m going to try and be uber diligent about taking them off as soon as I get inside and not walking on carpet with them on my boots. I know it’s dangerous to walk on tile floors with them on because you’ll go flying. But anyway, the point is I’ve broken two sets, and they’re expensive little bastards, so I want to make them last as long as possible.

As winter approaches, I went into a store here that sells them, and here’s where my random thought comes in. I told them I needed extra small yak trax because I have, well, extra small feet. they said they would order them in. I got a call a week later. The woman says, “Hi, we have some Yak Trax in, but they’re in the small size, not the extra small. Could you take those?” I pause for a second, bewildered. I tell her that since small yak trax wouldn’t fit my shoes, then no, I couldn’t take them.

But this isn’t the first time people have tried to sell me ice-grippers that were too big. Once, all they had were medium and large sizes. I mean, these things would go for a mile in front of my boots! I’d trip over them instead of slipping on ice! but people were shocked that I didn’t want to buy them anyway. What kind of flawed logic would tell a person that someone would even think of using something that was too big for them? Do they think adult feet have the capacity to grow? that would be like selling someone giant boots when they take a size 6. Who would say, “Oh, my size isn’t in, but I’ll take these bigger ones anyway.”? I just don’t get it.

Another thing I don’t get are some commercials. there was one for life insurance, and the ad closed with the words “life is too precious not to protect.” Hmm. Last time I checked, life insurance didn’t protect your life. that slogan belongs in an ad for a first-aid course, or for something that could, well, save your life. Life insurance just cleans up the financial mess after you die. At least insurance for your car will help you fix it if it gets crunched, insurance on the contents of your house will help you replace stuff if it gets destroyed. Life insurance won’t replace your life. What a strange term anyway.

Another ad that left my head spinning was one for a birth control method called Mirena. It’s this thing that the doctor puts inside the uterus that delivers hormones directly to it. But the puzzling part of the commercial was the part where they say who should use Mirena. “Candidates for Mirena have had a child, are in a stable relationship, and have no risk or history of ectopic pregnancy or Pelvic Inflamatory Disease,” it says. I get the part about Pelvic Inflamatory Disease, and I figured out the stable relationship part. They just want neither the woman nor her significant other to be sleeping around, because I get the sense that this thing somehow leaves you more prone to catching an infection, so they want to minimize the risk. But what’s with the “have had a child” part? they never explain that. I think I’ve thought about this way, way, way too much.

The brain is a funny beast. I was looking at the many and varied ways people have gotten here, and one of them was a search which has scrolled away, but the words they looked for were “Frank Valeriot swearing in ceremony.” Now, how did you take those words? I looked at that and thought, “What ceremony? Why was he so mad that he swore? Is there a video?” Looking at the google page where that led, I soon realized what should have been obvious. The person was searching for the ceremony in which Frank Valeriot was sworn in. He’s a politician, after all. that should have been the logical place where my brain went. but oh no, it didn’t. Am I alone in this?

Back in August, I mentioned that Trixie will lick the hell out of us in a particular way when one of us is sick. Well, the other day, she started licking Steve in that way, and he wasn’t sick. the next day, he woke up with one hell of a cold! Ok, Trix, are you psychic now?

And that’s about it for the random thought department. I’m definitely going to try and get out and enjoy today’s weather. I feel I have to, since the horrid stuff is on its way, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s here.

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