It Takes A Village to Raise A Child, And A Country To Prevent The birth Of One

Last Updated on: 22nd August 2018, 09:19 am

This law sounds as bad as the Nebraska safe haven law, but in the other direction. In the Netherlands, there is legislation in the works, although it may fall to earth with a hard thump, which is designed to stop bad parents from having more kids. On its face, that seems like a good idea. but this is how they’re trying to stop it. If a mom, and that’s important, screws up a kid, she will be ordered to take controception for 2 years. If she refuses and creates another baby, the kid will be taken away immediately after birth.

Ok, first of all, why is it all up to the mother? Why is she the one who has to take the birth control? What if she’s a good mother, but dear papa is the one laying a holy beating on the kid? She’s bad because she stays? What if she doesn’t have the money to leave? Why is it all on her head?

And doesn’t this create a slippery slope? How is bad parenting defined? All we need is Children’s Aid folks believing psychics, and wammo! No kids for you!

I would love to have a law that would actually work to prevent numbnuts and assholes who horribly abuse their kids from having more, but I don’t think this is it.

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