Train Bound For Stupidity

Last Updated on: 25th April 2014, 10:27 am

This horible excuse for customer service should have happened on british Airways. Well, at least the British part is correct.

Lena Ainscow, a 75-year-old woman, bought an £11.50 ticket to go visit her grandchildren. But because train personnel put her on an earlier train, a bonehead of a conductor told her her ticket was invalid and said she had to pay ten times the amount just to board the train. Ten times? what a load of bull. She was crying, she only had enough money to buy her grandchildren a present. Tom Wrigglesworth, a guy on the train, decided this was bullshit and went around asking for money from the fellow passengers to help the lady out. when he got it, and gave it to the conductor, the conductor said that was like begging and he’d have to either give the money back or be arrested. He wouldn’t give the money back, so police were called, but when the situation was explained to them, they left.

What a load of crap! Nobody knows how to use their brain anymore. I’ve been forgotten on trains, and told to patiently wait for help onto the train…and then the train left, but in both cases, people fixed the situation. I’ve never been bullied like that, and if ever anyone tried, they would learn quick that was a bad move, a bad, bad move indeed. I’m glad everything ended well for the lady and the wonderful guy who stood up for her.

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