That’s Why They Pay Him The Big Bucks

Last Updated on: 12th July 2018, 10:49 am

Here’s your latest episode of holy fuck that’s an understatement.

A 30-year-old woman who fell 15 storeys to her death Monday afternoon at a Victoria high-rise was the victim of a poor decision, the regional coroner said yesterday.

Um, yup. That’s definitely true. When you lock yourself out of your new digs that you’re moving into, usually you don’t think the best course of action would be “Knock knock knock, excuse me, neighbour above me? Can I climb over your balcony rail to get onto my balcony so I can get back into my house?” how about “Knock knock knock. Excuse me, property manager, holder of a master key? I locked myself out. Can you let me in?” That would be a good decision.

This woman must be one the likes of Stupidhead and Ditz o Matic, except with enough money to own a condo. All I know is that poor old woman who let her climb over her balcony is going to need therapy. Come to think of it, what was wrong with that lady? If someone asked me if they could use my balcony as a jumping off point, I would say no and call the property manager, probably while rolling my eyes. then when they got back into their house, I’d likely blog about their stupidheaded request. But I’d rather blog about that than describe the pile of mush that used to be my neighbour from below.

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