30 Teams in 60 Words

Last Updated on: 12th February 2020, 09:31 am

So we’re about 1/4 of the way through the NHL season so maybe it’s time to take a tour around the league and see what 2 words come to mind for every team in the league at this point. Some are a statement on how the team has preformed, others on how I feel about them – and some just on the general position in the league.

And heeeere we go!

Anaheim Ducks – Below expectations
Atlanta Thrashers – Who cares?
Boston Bruins – Holy shit!
Buffalo Sabres – Too fast
Calgary Flames – Tough team
Carolina Hurricanes – You suck
Chicago Blackhawks – JONOTHAN TOEWES!!!!!
Colorado Avalanche – Get’er goin’! (so i cheated – blow me!)
Columbus Blue Jackets – Relocation, anyone?
Dallas Stars – Fuckin’ Avery!
Detroit Red Wings – Likely repeating
Edmonton Oilers – Next year
Florida Panthers – Bankruptcy, anyone?
Los Angeles Kings – AWFUL goaltending.
Minnesota Wild – Try offense
Montreal Canadiens – Eastern Champions
Nashville Predators – GIVE UP!!!
New Jersey Devils – Hangin’ tough
New York Islanders – John Tavares
New York Rangers – Great start
Ottawa Senators – Eat shit!
Philadelphia Flyers – Carter’s amazing!
Phoenix Coyotes – Winnipeg calling
Pittsburgh Penguins – Where’s Sidney??
San Jose Shakrs – Best team
St. Louis Blues – Enjoy Steen….. (hahahaha)
Tampa Bay Lightning – Play Stamkos!!
Toronto Maple Leafs – God’s team!
Vancouver Canucks – big surprise
Washington Capitals – Ovechkin dominates

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