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Last Updated on: 23rd December 2023, 12:56 pm

Well, it looks like I’ve found all the answers to my questions about ads, thanks to someone who reads but never comments. She says the falling toonies are for Canada Savings bonds, the ad with Silent Night in it is for Pampers and a bunch of babies are sleeping. But the most disappointing one was the one where Judge Judy says “try that in heels.” I guess they make her look like a cyborg and she does some Matrix-style flip or something. Waaaa. It was just animated fun, it wasn’t anything actually funny. At least it didn’t seem funny to me.

But now that those mysteries are forever solved, here’s a commercial that baffles me for another reason. I can understand it perfectly well, but the mystery is why any company would choose to use it. It’s for Time Warner Cable, and what’s the big selling point? “Their bills are simple!” They don’t talk about the service, a good deal, maybe some new package. Nope, their big thing is this dude standing there essentially saying “I’m too stupid to understand Verizon bills, so I went to Time Warner.” He even shows a Verizon bill to some little kid and says “What’s a subscriber line charge?” the kid says “I dunno,” to which the man says “He doesn’t know. He does my taxes!” Ok, I don’t do taxes, and I think I could take a guess at what a subscriber line charge is. It sounds like it’s the cost for the line! Maybe he has phone service through them. It doesn’t seem that difficult.

After seeing that ad campaign, we can see why they’re affiliated with AOL. I guess that’s the clientelle they’re aiming for. Good job, you’ve found it.

That’s about it for now. I just figured I’d put up the answers to the questions I asked before I forgot what they were.

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