O Canada, Our…Non-inclusive Land?

Last Updated on: 27th November 2013, 08:59 am

This is so ridiculous that I, a person who has spent a good part of his life being obsessed with ridiculous things, can hardly believe I’m going to write about it.

Erik Millett, principal of the Belleisle Elementary School in New Brunswick, decided about a year or so ago to ban the daily singing of O Canada at his school because a few people complained that the songwasn’t inclusive enough.How nobody noticed until last week I haven’t the foggiest, but that’s another question for another time. To be fair, Millett also said that his decision was made in part based on a desire to not have the singing of the anthem disrupted by students arriving late, but to be honest, that’s complete garbage and I’m sure that he, like everybody else in the world, knows it.

Also complete garbage is Millett’s refusal not to laugh these people off of his phone or out of his office and not to detail what exactly they find so objectionable about our national anthem. Is it the God references? The stuff about sons command? Native land? If so, why doesn’t he just tell those parents to get their kids to not sing those parts? Or if it’s just that they really aren’t fans of the tune, allow them not to sing it at all, you know, like everybody has the freedom to do now. Whatever they personally decide to do is fine with me, but please, keep it at that and don’t let them piss on everybody else’s national pride. If he really wanted to be inclusive, he’d have told them *all* to pound rocks and to get some friggin lives when they were finished.

Is our anthem perfect? No, but why should it have to be? It’s been good enough to serve us well for more decades than I’ve been alive, and in spite of what some of the morons in the comments sections of the stories I’ve read about this would like us to think, I’ve never heard of anybody being brainwashed by the religious propaganda it so evidently contains. this is a pretty conservative sounding thing for me to say, but honestly, if you don’t like our chosen song, go find a country that has one you like. Oh, and be sure to take that goof Erik Millett with you, we won’t be needing him either.

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