He’ll Get 9 Lives For This

Last Updated on: 19th December 2017, 02:02 pm

Here comes another one of those food fight stories. This one started because of animal food, but I figure that counts.

Ian D. Johnson, 33, has appeared in court on a charge of felony assault with
a weapon after an argument with his father about contributing to the household turned into an argument over a 60-cent can of cat foodand then into a scuffle and a stabbing.

Court records state Dwight Johnson told police the fight started because he was frustrated that his son was not contributing more to the household. When his son confronted him about using a 60-cent can of cat food, the father said he told his son to move out of the house.

Dwight Johnson said his son refused and threatened to burn the house the down. The father said he slapped at his son, hitting him in the chin, and the two fell onto a couch. Ian Johnson is accused of stabbing his father during an ensuing struggle.

“burn the house the down.” is that a typo or a regional expression used by people from Montana who are 33, still live at home and have an unhealthy interest in what happens to cat food?

After the incident, the elder Johnson was taken to hospital where he was treated for a penetrated lung cavity caused by the knife wound.

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