Cadbury Easter Cream Pedestrian

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 10:39 am

What is up with everybody having their collective heads in the clouds today? In case everyone behind the wheel has forgotten where their eyes should be while operating a motor vehicle, they should be watching the road for both cars and pedestrians. Ya know, not everything you share the road with goes vroom. some people do cross streets, remember? Also, when watching the road, it is good to observe the traffic lights at intersections. If it’s read for you, don’t go. Things that vroom and people that walk in the opposite direction from the one you’re travelling do have the right to proceed.

I have to say this because today, over the course of about a 2-mile walk, I was nearly pasted at not one, but two major intersections when it was my time to go. I stepped out and was crossing, and cars just drove on through. At one intersection, one dude backed up because he realized he was blocking the crosswalk, at which point an asshole drove through right in front of me. People were zipping out of driveways without even checking to see if anything was coming. And to top it off, a woman walked with me through a busy parking lot, and a car backed up into her and bumped her! thank god the driver was moving slowly, but it doesn’t make it any better. She said she was ok after pounding on the driver’s window and telling her to watch where she was going. I know it actually hit her because she had insisted that I take her arm, and I felt the car contact her body! How the fuck do you miss two women and a dog if you’re at all watching where you’re driving?

Ok, everybody. I know it’s easter and the stores were closed yesterday and you just have to have your bunnies and eggies and chickies and all things cute and easterish, but you can watch where you’re going for a split second. I doubt you will miss out on your purchases of chocolate if you observe traffic rules and drive reasonably. Just think about it. It’ll take you a lot longer to get to the store if you have to stop and deal with police because you creamed a pedestrian and her dog. But would you even notice you hit something? Perhaps not.

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