Apparently You Can Find Anything On Craigslist

Last Updated on: 23rd February 2017, 10:46 am

Ok, I can’t decide if this is creepier than the story of Oumar Lam.

This unnamed 24-year-old man from near Seattle posted an ad on Craigslist asking for a woman who was willing to have sex with, and then be killed by, him. It was not a joke, as police soon found out. An undercover detective talked to him, asking if he could be paid to do this to another woman. He said sure and decided 2 grand was good. When he showed up at a motel at the appointed time with a length of chain, two shoelaces and a knife and knocked on the room where the victim was supposed to be, wammo! Busted!

His girlfriend says he was entrapped because they got him to agree to kill someone else instead of the person who responded to the ad. Um, even if the police detective had said she was a willing participant, I don’t think someone can legally agree to be murdered. It’s kind of like the statement that you can’t actually sign your human rights away.

Then she said he had a lot of mental issues. You betcha. I certainly won’t argue that point.

What I can’t figure out is how she was ok with him wanting to kill someone, even if the person agreed to it. How can that sort of person be “a good person and an amazing father”? He wanted to kill someone!

Well, if they weren’t broke before as she said, they’re for sure broke now. If he can’t come up with a million bucks, he’s not gettin’ out of jail. Good. He can stay there.

why is it that whenever I think about this story, the theme from Mario Brothers begins to play in my head? Oh. I think it’s because of this disgusting posting.

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