I Bet He’ll Be Going Stagg For A While After This One

Last Updated on: 8th February 2021, 04:01 pm

Not sure about you folks, but when I find myself in an argument,the thought that I could solve everything by opening a can of chili and dumping it on the other personisn’t one I’ve ever had. Then again, that could simply be because I’m not Edd M. Johnson of Stuart, florida.

I’ll say this much in his defence. His girlfriend doesn’t sound like she’s that much of a prize herself. Getting so worked up over where the guy watches TV that you feel the need to hack the cord in half with scissors? Might be time to chill…er…chili out.

My favourite part of the story though is this:

Johnson reportedly expressed displeasure at going to jail, saying, “I shoulda whopped her (buttocks)!” the report states.

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