When Committing A Robbery, Watch Your Step

Last Updated on: 12th March 2023, 09:08 pm

Ow, oo, ee. Jason Durant probably won’t be robbing banks for a long, long time. Although this isn’t the full story, this is the most vivid description of his, um, fate, that I can find.

He robbed the bank, and started to make his way to his getaway vehicle when…

  • he fell down a steep embankment
  • snapping his leg in several places,
  • and dropping his gun and all of his stolen loot but $2,
  • finally slamming into a plow-blade.

Hahahahahahahahahah! I’m sure the bank employees had a good chuckle. The police sent out dogs and combed the area, but they didn’t have to. all they had to do was notify local hospitals, which they did. He showed up for treatment and the police were notified. Then all they had to do was sit and wait for him to be well enough to cart off to jail.

If that wasn’t a loud message that Jason Durant does not a robber make, I don’t know what is.

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