Death By Teaspoon?

Last Updated on: 10th May 2023, 02:25 pm

Here we go again with the UK. Now, in order to buy teaspoons, you must prove that you’re over 18. this is because, apparently, someone was murdered with a teaspoon.

Here come the questions. first, how does one murder someone with a teaspoon? I mean, I guess you could use the teaspoon to add poison to a drink of theirs, but how do you actually use the teaspoon to hurt someone? Maybe you could turn it into some kind of knife or something.

Second, I didn’t realize that the majority of murders in Britain were committed by children. What a horrible, horrible stat. Seriously, what does age have to do with whether or not someone will commit murder?

Now the store’s manager is left scratching his head, but someone had to come up with the teaspoon murder story somewhere.

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