The Horror! He’s Looking Up Laws At A Library!

Last Updated on: 24th April 2018, 05:44 am

Since when was looking up laws on any subject at a library something that warranted calling the police? At Pelham Manor, it’s since now.

an eleventh-grade student was looking up laws on gun-concealment. A librarian got all scared and informed police, saying he was trying to figure out how to conceal a gun. After being interviewed, police figured out he was doing research, *gasp*, at a library, *gasp*, and there was no crime.

Listen, librarian, keep your nose out of folks’ business. The information is there to be looked at. You have no idea what he’s researching it for. but if you keep calling the police for everything you think is a bad sign, nobody will want to use your library for fear of being called into the principal’s office for no good reason.

I couldn’t say it any better than Randy Cassingham did in his essay on the subject, so I’ll just link to it and hope that other librarians don’t follow this trend.

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