I’m Getting Mixed Messages From the Pop

Last Updated on: 12th March 2014, 11:54 am

Hey there mom and pop of Pop, which is not the kid’s real name. You’re stupid. I know you have beautiful dreamy plans and only the best hopes for your little tyke, but you’re stupid to think they’ll work and not cause your kid harm.

These people want to raise their kid with no gender. Only people who change Pop’s diaper know what s/he is. The kid’s wardrobe has as many girly things as boyish things. They want to do this to make the kid as unrestricted as possible.

I’ve got news for you guys. Gender is not strictly environmental. It has genetic influences. Try as you might, Pop will be whatever Pop is supposed to be genetically. Oh, you don’t believe me? why don’t you ask David Rimer, a boy who his parents tried to force to be a girl instead of a boy after a circumcision accident. He still acted like a boy and changed himself back into one when he was old enough to do that. Oh that’s right, you can’t ask him. He killed himself because all of this trauma was too much for him.

If that’s not enough, the environment will find its way in. There are no gender neutral change-rooms and washrooms at school. Kids will play and see things, and if the kid’s smart, s/he’ll figure it out.

Here’s a message for Kristina Henkel, the consultant who thinks this is a good idea. Do you really think using a child as a prop for adult discussion is a good idea? Do you honestly think so? Would you think slapping a shirt with the n word on it on your child and sending her off to a school full of blacks is a good idea too? Using an innocent child as some kind of talking point is only going to hurt the kid.

I know gender can be limiting. I know that a lot of that is environmental. But trying to make a kid genderless, I think, will do even more harm to that poor kid, and when the kid’s gender becomes blindingly obvious and those environmental expectations come crashing in, the kid’s going to be so screwed up that s/he won’t know how to handle it. If they’re really concerned about gender stereotypes, the best they can do is provide good role models. Let him meet men and women who do all kinds of different types of work, some stereotypical to their gender, some not so much. Then the kid can make decisions and open his/her mind without having so much internal turmoil that would prevent the mind from being open at all. How could anyone expect the kid to have an open mind? S/he’s too busy trying to sort out exactly what s/he’s supposed to be.

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