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Last Updated on: 16th October 2014, 07:58 am

I’ll warn you all right off the bat that this post might be more disjointed and uninsightful (I think that’s a word) than usual. I’ve been on the disabled list since Friday with something that’s taken most of my appetite and even more of my energy and I’m pretty much only writing because I want to see if I can do it for more than a couple minutes without having to fall down go boom.

Speaking of the disabled list, the poor Blue Jays. I can’t help wondering if they would be more in the race than they are right now if they didn’t have a pretty decent starting rotation all out of action. All things considered they’ve hung in remarkably well, but going through the injury issues that they’ve been dealing with all year long would take it out of any team. It’s been kind of cool to see some of the prospects for the future get a chance in the big leagues and I think Brett Cecil and Robert Ray are going to be really good some day, but man alive, it sucks that it’s come to having to use guys like that on a regular basis.

Cool to see that Aaron Hill and Roy Halladay both made the AL All-Star team. Hill getting on is particularly cool. He’s had an amazing year in every way and doesn’t look like he’s lost a step after the concussion that kept him out for most of last year. Hopefully Adam Lind can grab enough votes to get himself on the team as well. He’s been one of the most consistent hitters for the Jays all season and I’d love to see him make an appearance.

A quick note to whoever is responsible for these things: Thank you for trying to make a less irritating Super8 commercial for the Jays radio broadcasts. Unfortunately, you have failed. That giant screaming sign gimmick has to go. Every time I hear those adds or see them on TV, my resolve never to stay at one of your establishments grows ever stronger. Credit where it’s due though, at least it doesn’t sound like the damn thing is calling itself a soupright sign or trumpeting free breakfastand internetsanymore.

While I’ve been downed, I’ve been watching a whole lot of wrestling. I do that when I’m upped, but I haven’t watched this much all at once in quite a while. Among other things I’ve been catching up on, I’ve watched the last couple weeks of Impact. as has been pretty well documented here, I mostly hate that show, but the last 2 episodes have been pretty good especially by regular TNA standards. I’m not going to bother spending a bunch of time speculating on where storylines are headed because I don’t have the energy and because doing so is pointless since the booking is all over the map and what’s looking good today could be dropped tomorrow in favour of something completely different and probably stupid, but for the first time in about 9 months, I’m actually interested in the direction things are going. If they run with it, they have 3 tag-team feuds, a decent world title picture and what could be a fun few matches with Kurt Angle when Matt Morgan discovers he’s not getting into the Main Event Mafia.

One thing did annoy me though. How in hell does a street fight end up being called a no contest? Unless I’ve somehow missed something, the whole point of a street fight is to prevent a no contest should a bunch of people run in. It’s especially stupid because in TNA there aren’t consistent and easy to follow rules in regular matches to begin with. So many normal matches feature run-ins where there should be a disqualification but there isn’t that it’s absurd to try to make us believe that things are so out of hand that here in the no rules match is the perfect time for the official to throw his hands up and say enough is enough. I’m pretty sure I understand what the idea was, but what a dumb way to try getting it across.

I did better than I thought I would, but man, all that typing took a lot out of me. In the words of Kimbo Slice, I’m done, Gus.

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