Whistle While You Work

Last Updated on: 23rd June 2018, 12:52 pm

I’ve talked on and on about how calling out bus stops can’t be that much of a distraction when I’ve seen bus drivers chat to passengers, mess with their fare box and sign, or even better, yap on their cell phones or eat cereal while driving. Now I’ve seen a new one. One driver, while not calling out stops, whistled a tune for 10 minutes straight. I was so fascinated with figuring out what his tune was that I zoned in on it. Even while whistling his tune, he managed to honk at someone who he wanted to honk at for one reason or another. So, he can whistle and drive and it’s not a distraction, but calling stops is just unacceptable. Driver dude, I’m glad you’re happy. Just don’t dare be one of the drivers who tells me that calling out stops is just too hard. I’ve watched you whistle for 10 minutes and still drive. You can use the same mouth to utter stops. Thank you.

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