We’ll Give You That To Go

Last Updated on: 2nd February 2018, 01:06 pm

Whoever has it out forthis guyis certainly gaining revenge in a Vomit Comet approved manner.

Four different times, the car of the unidentified son of the unidentified man living somewhere on the 300 block of West Caracas Avenue, Derry Township, Pennsylvania, has been covered with food and nobody seems to know why.

The police report noted that the cake on the Mitsubishi Eclipse was chocolate and vanilla with sugar icing in a blue and orange color scheme. It was “very moist and fresh to the touch,” the report noted.

The car’s owner told police it was the fourth time the car had been attacked with food. It was twice pelted with Twinkies, he said, and once splattered with a platter of Chinese food.

I imagine when you vandalize a car with Chinese food that in an hour you need to do it again, but that doesn’t explain the dessert.

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