A Different Bonnie And Clyde

Last Updated on: 30th May 2016, 08:36 am

When I first saw the story of a blind dog being led by another dog, my bullshit detector started going off. But there seem to be half a zillion stories about the pair, complete with updates, so maybe there’s something to this.

It appears a completely blind dog named clyde has found another dog who wants to help him out. The poor pooch won’t move a paw unless the other dog, named Bonnie, har har har, is there leading him around, even to food. Even to food? Come on poocho, use that nose of yours! Apparently they were found wandering the streets and were scooped up and taken to a shelter. The shelter staff wanted to make sure they would be sent to a home together, and got their wish.

People always joke when their dog goes blind that maybe it should get a guide dog. I never thought I’d hear an actual story about a dog choosing to guide another dog.

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